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This is a bit of a confusing anime.
Not so much because it's hard to follow.... And yet, in the end, it kind of is...
Ehm... But, mostly because it tries to do too much.
There's plenty of drama, some romance, a cover of supernatural and then to spice things up, a few random ecchi moments.
And the greatest thing is!:
The 'happy ending' went completely wrong!!
How is that a happy ending?! It was just bloody sad!
Not to mention quite abrupt, but then most of it was.
At around episode 6 it's almost like, wait, is it already over now?
Looks like they are going to wrap it up...
But no! We forgot to add a few plotlines that also need to be resolved highspeed without actually making sense.
And then just to f@(k with your head, there is episode 8.
I mean, seriously, WTF?! I'd rather get a massively clichéd 'onsen' episode than that madness. "Intermission!" They thought? "Fanservice time" They thought??
Admitted, it's not a horribly bad anime, I did enjoy some of it, but it certainly isn't great either. It's just too badly put together for that.

I can't tell you to absolutely not watch this anime, but I will also not reccommend it to anybody. I will say this, if you have a few animes you do want to watch, no need to take a break from those. If you have some free time on your hand, go do the dishes. =P
If you are absolutely totally completely bored and already have this downloaded anyway. Well, it's not like I can really stop you, now can I?
Just don't say I didn't warn you.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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