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It's a bit hard to describe this anime as it starts of pretty random.
I thought it was pretty funny though. It's probably a good thing I had not looked here for the overall rating, because I probably wouldn't have watched it then.
Especially because I had some trouble keeping focussed after the first 2 episodes.
Stick with it though and you will still be able to enjoy quite a few laughs.
For the fans, there are quite some pantyshots as well.... And not just any standard striped ones to my surprise.
Ok, so after finding out this was based on an ero-game maybe not so much surprised anymore, but they did put some effort into it. Wait... Why am I praising them for something I don't care about???
I guess it's nice they seemed to at least put some effort into what they do?
Meh, anyway.
I did think it was fun how they worked out the whole harem idea based on... Oh, if I complete what I was thinking of writing I will be spoiling big time. Ehm....
Let's just say it was different and something I had not seen before, therefor to me original.

The characters are a bit too... Too much, too many. With the chaotic intro and amount of people in here, it was a bit hard to instantly know everybody. You'll work it out, but it's a big bomb that bursts open introducing a whole lot of people at once and still introducing some more along the way.
The way it was written, it also leads you astray for a few times, wondering what it is that is really going on. Then when you realise what it is that is going on, you wonder why some characters behave the way they do. They don't all really seem to make sense.

If you don't like thinking too hard while watching an anie, then don't watch this, you won't know what's going on. You won't like it either if you're not patient enough and you won't like it if you detest random ecchiness, especially with a pretty hardcore scene that came out of nowhere. Most of it is invisible from censoring, but still. Blam, there it was. How did that?? Why?? Ehm... Ah, the pieces of the puzzle came together again after finding out it was based on an ero-game. I wouldn't have known if nobody told me. It's not like it lacks a proper story or anything.

But then... Who would I reccommend this to??
I guess.....
I have no idea.
It's confusing, but it's funny.
It's got a nice story, but it needs some figuring out what's going on and then it sort of falls on it's face in the end, because it did such a good job confusing you with characters that seemed to indicate a different type of story and of course the sudden revelation and... Well...
I don't know...
I did enjoy it, I almost thought about giving it 4 out of 5, but then thought about it a bit more and remembered how much it left me with plenty questions.
And then in the end it still is pretty much a standard harem-like ending with the girls all flocking around and fighting over... Well, you know.

I guess the overall rating isn't that hard to imagine when it is so hard to fit this anime into a box.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Madoka Jan 22, 2012

I have currently just watched episode 8 and i kinda see what you mean here, i spent 3 episodes working out the characters and still dont really know them to well (i know next to no names but i do know who's what now), the random hardcore scene, i think that was the one i just saw... it didnt make sense, see a girl then ahem weird 'dream' i dunno, anyways i find its story aspects interesting so far but its whole ecchi focus is kinda... lame at times, i dont hate ecchi provided its not to extreeme but this one is just throwing it round when ever it can, but oherwise i think its story will be fun, i will probberly review it myself when i finish, i love that little girl though (weird semi lolicon) she has like no lines but she makes me laugh :D