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Jul 8, 2011

I don't mind watching anime that have a little weird drawing style, but this is not just weird... It's terrible. Eyes too far apart, characters messy with dark and thick lines looking like they just threw some colours on raw sketches...
But let's put that aside a bit. Even if it does make it hard to realise that some people are supposed to be handsome. It's the story we're looking for.
And that starts pretty good. A romance not meant to be and difficult circumstances, fighting with monsters and all kinds of ingerdients to make a fine story... Untill they make things even more farfetched... At some point you might even start thinking, scr3w this s#!t, I don't want to watch it anymore if it's going to get more and more crazy.
You do get to see some sort of a happy end, get closure and even have a few laughs along the way, but this anime certainly isn't to everybodies taste.
I consider myself to be fairly open minded, and I do try to see through all animes I start and have succeeded with most too. If the anime isn't that interesting I devide it into parts and watch some other stuff in between. THis anime kept me going though, wanting to know what happens next, even if they made the plot a bit too big. It could have been better had they put some more depth into the story, but then it would have probably been too soft to some people's tastes.
It all really depends I guess. Still, I did enjoy it and can't tell you not to go watch it if you like (a bit violent)action and don't mind the artwork being very rough. Just make sure your own eyes don't drift as far apart as these characters have them, that would probably cause you sever headaches all day. ;P

6/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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