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Jul 4, 2011

*WARNING!! May contain spoilers and ranting!*

Okay... Where to start...
The story. I'm sure there is one somewhere. No really, there is...
It just gets blown away by all the selfish bitches trying to prove who'se the queenbitch.
Which TOTALLY makes sense when they are supposed to be trained to protect the world from alien invasions... No, extradimensional creatures actually.

It already starts with a major malfunction of common sense the first episode where the girls are in what they call a carnival, also another means of proving who's strongest, and they can all go ahead and slash each oter up. Well, don't they have training simulators for that?!
To make it better, the medic team is also screaming; "we're not going to let anybody die this time!"
Uhm... Again, simulations anyone?
Then the most coldhearted of them all slices up the throats of her victims, because well, she's just strong and needs to prove her point.
Well guess what? That cold hearted woman who is feared by all is actually a fidgety little prude with mental issues (obviously, because they all seem to have them) that is completely innocent all of a sudden when out main male character jumps on her because he thinks she's his sister.
Oh yeah... A shy girl like that would totally kill anybody who begs for her life, makes perfect sense. By the way, even with your throat slashed you can still talk AND be fixed up so she can go home the next day, because these girls have all been implanted with stigma, making them superhumanly strong and get regenerative powers to make up for lost limbs....

Yes, there's a lot wrong with this show. Don't get me wrong, it's not like it's terrible on all ends! The action is really good and if you like boob mayhem, welcome to this show if you don't mind some blood gushing at the same time....
It's just not convincing AT ALL!
Here we are, like I said before, with the world in peril and all these stupid girls can come up with is to fight among themselves to prove who's strongest and teach the lower classes a lesson when they happen to defend themselves in order to preserve thei "military like" ranking. BullSh!t!

Anyway, on with the wardrobe malfunstion... Oh wait, never mind that.
I applaud Mr. Aoi for making a choice (even if it's the wrong one) and actually sticking with it! (for now that is, because at the end, we get a very big hint for a second season)
This anime has great harem potential, but so far we are not getting any of that lousy, "can't make up my mind, oh let's just screw around with everyone" nonsense.

The more I think about it, the more the wrong stuff annoys me, so I'd better conclude this, because in the end, I did enjoy the show enough to finish up on it in 2 days time. There's plenty others that I just can't stand to watch more than 2 episodes a day and then delay by watching something more interesting.
That's why I'm not completely shooting it down just yet. It's entertaining enough.
There's alot more massive errors that make no sense at all, but you will notice them soon enough when you decide to watch it yourself.
Just be sure to tell yourself you're watching this for the fights and the way they've put good attention into drawing it all up nice and flashy and if it's to your liking, because of all the fanservice, even if most of the girls look pretty much the same if you don't look at the faces.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
6/10 overall
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coolyfooly Nov 28, 2012

Actually I think the nailed the social norms of society pretty well.  I mean a bunch of concieted hoes backstabing, litterally beating the hell out of other hoes?

That's so spot on it's scary. To say otherwise is to never have gone to highschool...or collage...or have ever seen a group of women in a workplace.