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May 8, 2011

Well, in theory you could say that this story has an original idea....
But when most of that idea is used as just a little lifeline to grab on to to allow for pantyshots and booby bouncing to dominate...
Well, yeah, then it just turns in a standard harem, with the standard stereotype characters.
And then halfway through the inevitable happens and the lifeline gets some more attention again, but then again, that lifeline also has it's problems.
The reason for the harem thing... So, ok, you want his genes??
He's 17 years old and... He's bothered with that? I mean, the girls don't even seem to have ever heard of artificial insemination, and then you, as a 17 year old guy, have a problem with that??? Well.... Ok, let's just asume that some guys just skipped puberty or something and you are so bothered with the idea they don't want you for who you are, but only for your seed, then there's still an easy way out of that bothersome situation.
Just be sure to make them sign a contract that you are not to be held responsible for anything and give them a cup of what they want.
It's as simple as that, right? Problem solved right??? Nope, common sense does not apply here. They all seem to be fine with magic, ghosts, demons and whatnot, but... Oh, never mind.
And for as far as comedy goes, I may have smiled at some point, maybe... But I have, in all the 24 episodes, not laughed even once....
I wonder how I got through all 24 episodes when I think about it, because all the above has been bothering me all the time. Which is indeed the reason why it took me over a month to actually finish it, when a good anime can get me stuck to my chair for even a 13 episode season! But still, I could have just dropped it...
So I guess, even though the story still sucked, it was the reason to sit it out and find out what will become of it... And then ofcourse they had to completely ruin any expectation in the end, even introducing a new face the last second like, as if they would get a second season.... Sorry, but don't count on it... >_<
Gaaargh!! Why oh why?! Why can't they just give all animes proper closure when they know chances of a second season are always impossible to read? Well, I gues they're all hoping for that chance.... But if I were to tell a story, I'd want it to be told right and be finished right. If the public receives it well, great, maybe I can write a new story and use the gained experience to make that even better. If not, too bad, at least the people that DID enjoy the show will have been happy about it and don't have to worry about never getting a second season.
And though I'm not really bothered wether or not they would make a second season for this, it is still just plain stupid to end the show the way they did and it really does bother me that there are just SOOOO MANY anime's that do the exact same thing without even knowing if they can make some people's hopes come true.

Anyway, to sum it up, if you have seen several harem type animes already, there is no need to see the exact same thing again just with a little different topping. If you're not too familiar with anime. I highly doubt you would have come across this in that case, but if so, skip this or if you must see it anyway, save it for a rainy day.... Or, more like a rainy season...

4/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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