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If you liked the first two seasons and you're expecting something similar, or a proper closure... Well, maybe there is a little bit of a closure somehow, but it bites.

Basically they seem to have run out of budget or something and decided to compress a whole lot of manga chapters into 2 episodes so they could have an excuse of at least finishing the anime.
Evenso, they still have an intro to tell you a few things that seem to have happened in a few seconds, which still leaves thinking "WTF?" and also throughout both the episodes there's constant reminders of the WTF-moment and you're left with a lot of questions that would have been answered had they made a full season.

Therefor, I can really only recommend not watching this, because it wil really irritate you.

Although the artwork is not great on the manga, if you want the full story, look it up.
Skip the one at mangareader.net, the translation is pretty bad.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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girlinsneakers Jul 24, 2012

It would have been better if they never released the third term(anime) at all.  It just confused the hell out of everyone who watched the first and second seasons, especially those who weren't able to get the manga.

brokensaint058 Feb 19, 2012

I still scratch my head to why the last season (or more eps) were not released. At least they MADE some sort of an ending which is what some anime will never have a shot at. Was it good? It was confusing if you haven't read the manga. Now here's an amusing anecdote: I specially bought the manga to see how it will end. Guess what? It never got fully published in English either ... Clearly there is just no justice in this world.

MikeSinner Apr 20, 2011

Well, I wouldn't go as far as regretting watching School Rumble, I enjoyed most of the series, although they do drag it out a bit, but overall it's a fun anime.

Gakorak Apr 20, 2011

This was everything you said it was....just...awful.... it made me regret ever watching school rumble to begin with.  just...uhg.

Rickoon Apr 18, 2011

I liked the first season the best. To me, the series just slowly went down hill from there. I agree they were just attempting some closure with these last two episodes. An attempt that ended in failure...I ended up reading the manga ending (something I've never done before with an anime)