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Introducing Myself

21 AUG

I already have a mainstream blog, two, actually. One is dedicated to anime, manga and drama while the other is dedicated to everything and anything. I'm probably going to come in here and blog occassionally / rarely. I think I've explained well enough in my 3 reviews so far that I'm not someone who can muster the courage to critisize deeply. I'm more of a lovey-dovey type but I dont'really consider myself girly or tomboyish. I'm just an average, normal ( ?? ) girl waiting for something to happen to my life. Maybe it turns out I'm actually engaged to a prince or I'm a witch who is just beginning to discover her powers. Yeah, right. Reality catches up faster than you want it to. Let's just quietly accept the fact that magic never existed. 


luurve Red River, it's the most awesome manga ever. Period. Messing around with a shinigami will get you nowhere -__________- I've never watched Bleach or Naruto, just to let you know. I'm just in love with shinigamis for no particular reason. I mostly commit myself to something 50% and then just kind of forget about it. I DO NOT  like that about myself and it's something i'm working on right now. As much as I'd like to type more now, I have to sleep or suffer another sleepless night with the next day hitting me smack in the face. NO. My eyebags, the banes of my existence, CANNOT get anymore worse than they already are...

Bye bye :3

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