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It's been long...

10 JUN

Yeah. And I said I'd update rarely. 

When I read my first blog entry, I feel like the immature child I was. I still am, though growing up has opened my eyes to how harsh and challenging the world can be.

Oh god now I sound like some protagonist --"

I've been looking more closely, observing and realising that there are a lot of different people and it takes a lot to be patient and hold it in. Doubting myself has become something really common. I've been feeling really depressed but I guess this is one of those things they call life throwing lemons. I've gathered the courage to do my best with my family's support, even if I can't show them how much I appreciate it yet :3

School has matured me a lot, surprisingly. When you're surrounded by a bunch of talented people, it isn't long before you feel like giving it your all to rise to the top. 

Gah. I'm too young for this sobstory. I can see my greying hair. 

I've watched a lot of anime and by now, I realise that reviewing takes a lot. You have to truly look at it and try to be biased as little as possible and look for the things that really made it good or bad. However, I feel that appreciating criticism and opinions about your review is part of that process and responding to it politely is the best course of action. 

I'm trying to write better reviews, now that I've started a review blog. I will freely share what I feel, regardless of the feeback ( but of course, I'll take it into consideration ). Now, I have no idea why I'm being so serious >.< 

I've finished watching Hakuouki, Nurarihyon no Mago : Sennen Makyou and Magi so far. They've been very interesting experiences and I'm planning on watching Ouran High next. I look forward to it <3 I'm watching Shingeki no Kyoujin and UtaPri Maji Love 2000% which are currently airing as well. I might also try rewatching Escaflowne which I've stalled. 

Hehehe, Ren...

Jun : Author-san, your evil intentions are completely overflowing, you know?

Me : Uh...


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