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My anime list status and uses:

Watched: I've seen the entire series.

Watching: I am currently watching or plan on continuing soon.

Want to Watch: I plan to watch this series, or at least give it a try.

Stalled: I plan on finishing eventually, just not right now.

Dropped: I don't plan on finishing this anime because I didn't like it.

Won't Watch: I didn't like the plot or screens when I saw them.


Al right. I am, like I said in my profile above, a twenty-one year old guy from the Netherlands (That means that English is my second language so you can expect grammar and spelling mistakes). It is so boring here but well... We DO have anime. That makes things aright. ;)

A friend of mine talked me in the whole anime thing in 2005. Ever since I've dropped my gaming activity's and get hooked to whatever you see in my list. He said that I should try Full metal Alchemist.

Bleach is definitely the best anime I've ever seen. I just love it. The story, the strong characters, the sword fights. Tite Kubo is just a hero to be able to create such a story where you get hooked at from the first episode.

-Bio Update- *02-02-2008*

Argona wanted me to write more about myself in my Bio... Although it has been a while since she said so (02-12-2007), I found the time just now. ^_^

Al right, I am a white, European male. I am 198 cm tall (that is +/- 6.5 ft) and I am skinny as hell. I can eat whatever I want but I just won't get any more fat then I already have. It is quite useful. Diets are for people with suicide wishes anyhow, so....... ^_^

I got a forty hour work-week in the house building industry. I don't really know how to say it so I hope you get the picture. Although I still go to school one day in the week to study for the job, I do not plan to keep this job for the rest of my life. Lately I am thinking to go for translator. I was always pretty good with English, and I got a Japanese language curses on tape, which is very interesting. My parents are quite against it though. They don't want me to quit this job I have now. And since I have to move away if I am going to participate in classes all week, I can't keep it up. But those are things, with which I don't want to bother you.

Music taste. Well. I really do like almost everything. We got Scottish and Irish Folk Music here, and I like it. It depends on the mood though. I always go to the Techno and Dance bars and disco's (You can start drinking beer at the age of 16 and heavy alcoholic drinks at the age of 18 here in this country.), but my personal favourite music genre is Rock and Hard Rock. I love the sneering sound of a good guitar. My personal favourite number is from AC/DC, Thunderstruck. That song gives me the cold chills, so good is it. ^_^

Well. That's it for now. Maybe I will update it some more later on. ;)

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argona Dec 29, 2009

The point is I haven't fogotten you and I'm really sorry for not being in time. I wanted to wish you a very happy year full of happiness and health.

Take a very good care of yourself.^^

argona Dec 29, 2009

Ah thank god I finally found a way to contact you. I'm so stupid! I always forget about here. And I just realized you had left me a comment too.

Merry Christmas dear and Happy new year!

I'm sorry for being late!

I tried really hard to contact you through messenger but we can't access messenger or email because the government has reduced the speed to almost crawling. They don't want us to get into email because that's the only ay we can exchange video and information without being tracked down.

I'm sure you're watching the news. Things have taken a turn for worse this week.

Suddenly we are back to critical days right after the election. What's worse is that clashes are getting worse and this time people and the forces of government clashed hard. Streets were battle ground and it happened in a sacred day that shedding blood is forbidden! At least 10 people have been killed.

You can check this page for more information dear.


Major protests broke out when hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters protested in Tehran.  Police fired upon protesters and used tear gas. At least 10 protesters were killed, making this the deadliest day of the protests since the summer. But many policemen refused to shoot on protesters. BBC called the protests "the worst violence since last June's contested presidential elections." At least 300 people were arrested. Witnesses claim that the Basiji militia fired live bullets into the crowd. There was claims that some of the Basiji militia were wearing green caps (green being the color of the opposition movement) and refusing to stall the protesters.

This day was the day of Ashura, which marks the death of Imam Hussain and is an important day on the Shiite calendar. Protesters chanted "This month is a month of blood."A police depot was seized.

Protests were held in Europe at the Iranian embassies in Berlin, Rome, London, and Paris. The European demonstrators were protesting against the violent crackdown on the protests in Iran.

December 28

Iran declares martial law in Najafabad. Najafabad is the hometown of the opposition cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, who died the previous week. The decision to establish martial law came from the protests surrounding his death and funeral. This is the first time since 1978 revolution that martial law was established in Iran. Additionally seven leading opposition activists were arrested, including three of Mousavi’s top aides, two advisers to the reformist former president Mohammad Khatami, and two other opposition activists, Ebrahim Yazdi, who previously served as foreign minister of Iran, and the human rights campaigner Emadeddin Baghi. Seyed Ali Mousavi's body was confiscated from his family in an attempt by the government to prevent his funeral from becoming another anti-government demonstration. Iranian government security forces used tear gas to disperse the protesters that gathered outside the hospital where Seyed Ali Mousavi's body was.

US President Barack Obama condemns the violent crackdown on the protesters, and Russia expresses concern at the events, urging restraint.

toxshock Sep 7, 2009

Hi ya Buddy, It's okay I've been a bit busy myself, I finally had a beautiful little girl called Josephine Mary. Lots of sleepless nights but lots of joy too.

Have you now left your old job, or looking for a new job to get away from the guy you worked with? I hope you find a job soon either way.

Haven't watched much anime recently, only stuff on my watching list, I have recently become addicted to NCIS & Criminal minds, probably very sad, I know. Anyway take care and lots of love. Tox...xxx

toxshock Jul 28, 2009

So do you have a long lost relative buried under the patio. That's the kind of thing we get in british soaps. Or perhaps you are really a woman but your girlfriend doesnt yet. lol..xx

toxshock Jul 27, 2009

lol....that bad eh....Though I'm not sure if it's my ego, but I think I would like it if a grandchild was named after me one day. Though I'm not holding out for it. Hope you're keeping well mate..xxx