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My anime list status and uses:

Watched: I've seen the entire series.

Watching: I am currently watching or plan on continuing soon.

Want to Watch: I plan to watch this series, or at least give it a try.

Stalled: I plan on finishing eventually, just not right now.

Dropped: I don't plan on finishing this anime because I didn't like it.

Won't Watch: I didn't like the plot or screens when I saw them.


Al right. I am, like I said in my profile above, a twenty-one year old guy from the Netherlands (That means that English is my second language so you can expect grammar and spelling mistakes). It is so boring here but well... We DO have anime. That makes things aright. ;)

A friend of mine talked me in the whole anime thing in 2005. Ever since I've dropped my gaming activity's and get hooked to whatever you see in my list. He said that I should try Full metal Alchemist.

Bleach is definitely the best anime I've ever seen. I just love it. The story, the strong characters, the sword fights. Tite Kubo is just a hero to be able to create such a story where you get hooked at from the first episode.

-Bio Update- *02-02-2008*

Argona wanted me to write more about myself in my Bio... Although it has been a while since she said so (02-12-2007), I found the time just now. ^_^

Al right, I am a white, European male. I am 198 cm tall (that is +/- 6.5 ft) and I am skinny as hell. I can eat whatever I want but I just won't get any more fat then I already have. It is quite useful. Diets are for people with suicide wishes anyhow, so....... ^_^

I got a forty hour work-week in the house building industry. I don't really know how to say it so I hope you get the picture. Although I still go to school one day in the week to study for the job, I do not plan to keep this job for the rest of my life. Lately I am thinking to go for translator. I was always pretty good with English, and I got a Japanese language curses on tape, which is very interesting. My parents are quite against it though. They don't want me to quit this job I have now. And since I have to move away if I am going to participate in classes all week, I can't keep it up. But those are things, with which I don't want to bother you.

Music taste. Well. I really do like almost everything. We got Scottish and Irish Folk Music here, and I like it. It depends on the mood though. I always go to the Techno and Dance bars and disco's (You can start drinking beer at the age of 16 and heavy alcoholic drinks at the age of 18 here in this country.), but my personal favourite music genre is Rock and Hard Rock. I love the sneering sound of a good guitar. My personal favourite number is from AC/DC, Thunderstruck. That song gives me the cold chills, so good is it. ^_^

Well. That's it for now. Maybe I will update it some more later on. ;)

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toxshock May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a good day xxx

toxshock May 5, 2010

Dude, how yo doing?..xx

argona Apr 2, 2010

My dear! How are you???

I'm so sorry for being late! I didn't realize you have left me a message and I didn't check since I thought you need time to yourself and not in the mood to talk. I was also away from internet since we were in a trip.

I really need to take care of this messenger problem. It's getting very annoying!

Your cat died? Oh, no! You have every reason to be sad. Pets are no different than a family member. The loss can be very great. I'm so sorry dear. Why don't you replace it by a new kitten? I know it's hard but that's what most people who keep pets do. You have to replace it or you may never get over it.

Thanks for your new year wishes. It's so nice of you to always remember. You don't know how grateful I am for your support and kind attention. I really wish to see you less depress.

Did you hear the news? United Nations has included our new year celebration (Norouz) in official holidays! I'm so happy!

You mentioned that protest. I guess you are talking about the day that we celebrate the revolution. You see. in that day no one was killed because protestors didn't really get the chance to gather. Tear gas was used and some were arrested. In this day government uses the same old trick. They gather people from poor villages, people who are willing to march the streets only for the sake of one can of juice and government also floods the streets with their own people.

Most people that still support the gorvernment are somehow benefeting from it even if they are not exactly a part of it. These people are able to get good jobs and opportunities for their children and even easily travel to foreign countries, so of course they come every year. Government also feeds them and gives them supplies. So they take over the streets and leave no place for others. These people are usually from lower class so they have many children and they are not educated well.

See the problem now?

But our green revolution is still alive. We refuse to give in.

Miga! I have bought a digital camera! Now I can send you lots of pics! But I want to lose more weight before doing so. PLease tolerate me a little more!^^ I can't help it.

Can I have a request? Remember those Egypt pics you uploaded for me? I never got them. My internet speed is 256 kb and those files were too heavy and I couldn't download them. Can you possibly pick your favorite pics and upload them in a file around 100 mb for me? I really want them. The number of files doesn't matter as long as they are all 100 mb.

Please?*puppy eyes*

Kojema Feb 20, 2010

Eh, I'm breathing. Time to breathe some life back into it don't ya think?

toxshock Feb 15, 2010

So sorry to hear about your moggy cat, it's heart breaking to lose a pet, they are family, sometimes better than. I'm glad to hear that you are trying to take care of yourself, I know its sometimes difficult for guys but talking to mates really helps, even if its just a sports or cars.

Studio Ghibli is Hayao Miyazaki production company (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle etc) would recommend them if you get the time.

Anyway take care dude, can catch up on messenger sometime if you like.