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Skip Beat!

I doubt that I will be adding anything new or that hasn't been said about Skip Beat!, but I will say that no matter how much I have searched for something to compare it to, it is just plain impossible!

Skip beat has everything that a blockbuster needs in order to become timeless classic.

The humor is beyond anything I have ever experienced and it just makes reading this manga a treat that I love to sample full on.

Ren is the good guy that is just soooooo goood, it makes all girls swoon for him.

I can place a bet and come out winning that every single female that has read Skip Beat! has wished for her own Ren.

His character is complex and well defined while at the same time he holds an aspect of mystery that still has not been revealed, but leaves you wanting for more.

He is transparent, you can see him clearly and without doubts, but at the same time he holds that miterious past inside that makes you wonder if what you are seeing is really a character acting as an actor... Does that make sense? Believe me, Ren's character is THAT COMPLEX!

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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