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about me

♥Hello and welcome to my page! i am keondra..I am in middle school(8th grade)..I am 14 years old.My first anime i watched was Dragon ball. Then thats when i started watching anime! And loves it.

My anime ratings:

5 stars - Totally amazing, a must!

4½ stars - Also amazing though it had some flaw...

4 stars - Really good, time well spent!

3½ stars - A little better than just any time-waster

3 stars - Decent.

2½ stars - Okay if you've got lots of time...

2 stars - Might wanna start questioning how much time you actually have.

1½ star - Didn't 2 stars scare you away?

1 star - Seriously... don't.

½ star - NOOO! I died..

Loved / Hated Chatacter(s)

I tend to love characters whose personalities I really find intriguing and characters that I just simply like (a lot).

I also tend to dislike characters which I believe have poor design or annoys me while I'm watching.

More about me:

I love watching anime...My favorite anime is One piece!! :D.I also read manga and i do visual novels. :3.....

Favorite male characters:






Favorite girl characters:




Dont foget to ADD ME! :) Byee :3

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January 3, 2014

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January 15, 2014

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Risaloo avatar Risaloo


Jan 12, 2014

There aren't a lot of anime in those genres, but I found some of them:

Fairy Tail- Lots of adventure and comedy, a tiny bit of romance

Black Cat- Romance, adventure, and a little bit of comedy

Sword Art Online- adventure, romance, and a bit of comedy (must watch)

Kamisama Hajimemashita- Romance, Comedy, and a bit of adventure

Angle Beats- comedy adventure and a bit of romance

If you really like romance and comedy here are some of the good ones:

Acchi Kocchi- romance comedy (had adorable animation and it has... CATS)

Lovely complex- romance comedy (characters made the best faces in anime history)

Nyan Koi- romance comedy (it has CATS)

If you really like adventure anime:

Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan- adventure, a tiny bit of romance

Soul Eater- adventure and comedy

Magi and Magi: Labrynth of Magic- adventure

One Piece- adventure and comedy

Risaloo avatar Risaloo


Jan 4, 2014

Recommendations as in what anime people would recommend you to watch based on their own opinions on anime.

Risaloo avatar Risaloo


Jan 3, 2014

Welcome to A-P! Feel free to ask me any questions, whether its recommendations or something else!

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