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How I Label My Anime Statuses:

Watched: Animes I've completed.

Watching: Animes I'm currently watching.

Want to Watch: Animes I'd like to watch, but still haven't bought, rented, borrowed or downloaded.

Stalled: Animes I haven't seen/completed, but have access to watch whenever I'd like. Some stalled animes are animes I've started, but didn't finish even though I plan on going back to watching them.

Dropped: Animes I've started, but didn't finish because I didn't like them.

Won't Watch: Animes that I refuse to watch. The most common reason for this would be if the anime were too long (100+ episodes).

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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Himura21 Jan 12, 2009

Aloha dude man.... Wait a sec...

Konnechiwa Ari-sama

Genki deska?

I'm finally going to start Macross TV series, followed by Gundam Wing...

Pidjiken Dec 11, 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

foureyedalice Dec 6, 2008

ha- well, nice pick then.  My sig is from Bleach.

foureyedalice Dec 5, 2008

That sig is awesome!  Did you make it?  

Nana23 Apr 4, 2008

Hehe so first you told me i rock and now you wanna know about me some more lol

umm well it is GREEN >.> arwa told me when she came over my house and actually araw always say i'm true and never says i'm wrong =P

* god i wish she was like that*

Try it move to the south pole for a couple of months then the smell would be gone u'll like it and everything should be back to normal with ur nose !