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Split by distance, two close school friends exchange text messages and as they get further apart, they take longer to get there.

Story: 10

Voices of a Distant Star is one of those series that get's viewers simply because of its reputation.  And if there was any anime out there that deserved that, then Voices is certainly the one.  Its hard for me to talk about the story without having spoilers, as being only 20 odd minutes in length, everything in the anime is somewhat critical to the plotline.  But that's what makes it so good.  The story is a simple, yet beautiful tale of how two people who love each other are split by distance and despite being unable to see each other, can still have a relationship that literally extends to the stars.

Its remarkable as well that the entire storyline was thought out by a single person and the script written is one of the best out there.  Take my word for it, Voices is simply gorgeous and take 20 minutes out of a busy day and enjoy a real story for once.

Animation: 10

Remember how I was saying that Voices was written by one person? It was also produced and drawn by that one person.  There should be a limit to how good someone can be when it comes to making anime and Makoto Shinkai shows that there is always someone who comes close to being a god of it.  The characters depictations are believable and the spaceships seem to have a somewhat mystical quality about them, yet somehow could be real.  Its a beautiful looking anime and once you take into account it being made by one person, it becomes special.

Sound: 10

Originally, Voices stared Makoto Shinkai and his fiancee as the two lead characters.  When people realised just how good it was, it was redone with professional voice actors.  Voices has an amazing sense of depth and the casting was nicely done.  When you then throw in the soundtrack you realise just how fitting it is.  The song which everyone who's watched it which comes at the end is perfect for the finish and 'Through the Years and Far away' not only helps bring to Voices to its fitting conclusion, but also stands brilliantly as a stand alone piece.  However, the soundtrack is filled with hidden gems including the 'Rainy Bus Stop'.  Enjoy it.

Characters: 10

Theres only two characters of importance in this anime and despite having only spent 25 minutes max with them, you are left feeling as though you know and understand what they are going through and how their lives and linked in a special and unique way.  The relationship which forms the basis of the anime is brilliantly portrayed and its no wonder that Voices get a 10/10 for characters, simple because of the development that we see.

Overall: 10

Is it possible to go on and on about how good an anime is?  I think it is and if it weren't for the fact that most people would have stopped reading it had I continued on for another 12 pages, I would have done so.  Voices of a Distant Star has this strange yet beautiful ability to not only draw you into the world of these two school friends, but will keep you quite happily in there to enjoy it.  Honestly, don't take my word for how good it is, just watch it and make your own mind up.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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