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Through the Years, the Garden of Everything and Ana

14 JUL

To be honest, this post is more about me writing on songs which have been around for a while.  However, they're tunes which I think should be in most peoples playlists.  Not just because each of them is intensely beautiful, but also because they sum up their anime in pretty nice ways.  Also, they're really catchy and I find myself singing along to them quite happily.


To start us off, Through the Years and Far Away, comes from the anime Voices of a Distant Star.  Perhaps the greatest short anime released and if anyone begs to differ from this, I'd like to see the counter arguement.  However, it is perhaps the ending tune, Through the Years and Far Away which makes this anime what it is.

The lyrics themselves impress upon you the grand vastness that the anime encompasses, the grand scale of the both the feelings that the characters have for each other and also the immense distance between them.  Its actually one of those heartbreaking tunes when you consider exactly what the finale of Voices of a Distant Star is like.  Then once you've considered that, the elegant piano accompiment is just serene and not only gives the entire song its place, but is so carefully written to give a sense of sadness to the song and longing.


My next song I'd like to mention is The Garden of EverythingRahXephon the Movie is certainly one of those anime which you can't a) watch late at night, b) expect to understand everything in one sitting c) hate The Garden of Everything.

Now, for starters, the I can't remember the classical music which the female part is sung to although I believe it might be Borodin or Verdi (those names spring to mind).  But that's beside the point.  The whole piece just is grand on a massive scale and well, its kinda like the epicness which RahXephon the Movie aspires to attains, helped by this fantastic song.  Steve Conte was a spot on choice for the lead and performs it wonderfully (if you've not heard of him, check out Living inside the Shell from GITS).  But what I think is the critical part of the tune, apart from the lyrics is the haunting introduction of the sing piano chords which so simple, but rather filling and then having layer upon layer added over the top, my like the storyline.  Have a listen and see what you think.


My final piece is the newest of the three pieces of music.  Hailing from Clannad, Ana is a remarkably long tune (just shy of 8 and half minutes) and its brilliance lies not in the lyrics, but rather in the melody.

While Clannad is certainly a great anime by most people's standards, the insert song Ana is just a beautiful addition to a beautiful anime.  The melody is perhaps the greatest part of this song, simply because it is a constant tune which is repeated over and over and yet somehow remains fresh and new during all of the 8 minutes which it is played.  Adding in the gentle strings which mark the change from one part of the vocal to the next, its just stunning in the arrangement.  However, then when you through in the lyrics which are sung by Lia, its certainly something on a completely new level.  Her soft voice is just perfect for the song.  But once again, the lyrics capture the heart of Clannad perfectly, with both the negatives and the positives taken into beautiful account.

It was used countless times during the anime, yet it is one tune which I'm not going to start hating anytime soon.  When you want to relax, this tune just takes you to the next place and puts you at ease.


Anyway, that's a short write up of three of my most loved tunes.  If anyone has any others they want to suggest I listen to, I'm fully open to suggestion.  These were three that I wanted to share because of their beauty.


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Jun 29, 2014

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