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filter: July 2009  

Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners Number 6: Oblivion Recording Review

30 JUL

Yeah, it's got one hell of a long title if you were to write it out in full...hence why I'm going to refer to it simply as Kara no Kyoukai from now on... read more

How long does it take for you to know if you want to finish watching an anime?

26 JUL

When it comes to watching an anime, I tend to get my choices from three locations:1) From the new released season - therefore I always have something ... read more

Least Favourite Genre - Magical Girl

22 JUL

Oh dear...Everyone has at least one genre that for some reason they just don't gel with.  For me, that is by far the easiest thing I had to choos... read more

Through the Years, the Garden of Everything and Ana

14 JUL

To be honest, this post is more about me writing on songs which have been around for a while.  However, they're tunes which I think should be in ... read more

Hatsukoi Limited

12 JUL

I haven't had much to do recently and so I found this anime while browsing and chose to take a look.  I'm glad that I did, but having watched it ... read more

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