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  • How long does it take for you to know if you want to finish watching an anime?

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How long does it take for you to know if you want to finish watching an anime?

26 JUL

When it comes to watching an anime, I tend to get my choices from three locations:

1) From the new released season - therefore I always have something that is currently being aired

2) Those series which I've heard about and as such should get around to watching (like Ah! My Goddess and Death Note).

3) I read the entry of the anime and the synposis and decide from there.

So, how has this served me over the years...well out of the 254 different anime which I've watched some of, I've dropped a total of 11, which isn't too bad really.  But of those 11 most I dropped within the first episode and only a few I watched for more.

It therefore is quite the interesting question as to know when I will finish watching an anime or not.  Elementhunters I knew I wouldn't like it after seeing the introduction and the first 5 minutes of the show....mainly because I knew that the animation style would really annoy me.  Its funny in someways that I stop watching a series because of the animation, but its not the first time I've done that.  Sci-fi Harry was one I stopped watching for the same reason.

However, if you look at some series there are those which i've watched about 5 episodes before dropping and that was simply because I couldn't make my mind up with them.  Azumanga Diaoh was such a series and the reason why I dropped it was because...well...I just never found it worth the time to watch.

On the whole however, once I start a series, I finish watching it.  Mainly because I hope and really do hope, that at some point it will get better.  In conclusion then:

Anywhere between 5 minutes and 5 episodes...


default avatar flamespeedy
Apr 13, 2013

most anime gets really boring and it usally is only good for a couple of episodes. but anime is my fav thing ever and i have seen over 100 animes.

when i say most anime gets boring, i mean new animes are all the same crap and its just so boring, but monster, death note, naruto, Gantz , kaiji, highschool of dead, hellgirl and much more are amazing and not boring at all

Airotia avatar Airotia
Nov 23, 2011


You're not missing much with Sci-Fi Harry. I drop shows if the characters really annoy me or if I can't follow them at all. I've dropped 4, and Sci-Fi Harry was one of them. At first his stuttering victimized character was kind of cute, but by the sixth episode they hadn't explained it, and his stuttering started to grate on my nerves.

Plus each episode moved so slowly it was like pulling teeth. X_X

I did watch Azumanga Daioh and loved it, but I dropped Hetalia for the same reason you dropped Azumanga Daioh, so I can't come in like, "BUT IT'S THE MOST AWESOME SHOW EVER." It's hit-or-miss, the shows that don't have plot aside from kitten taming and... interacting?

I also dropped Ugly Yet Beautiful World (because I hated it from the beginning and only watched past the first half episode because my friend was watching it, only to discover she was only watching it because she thought I was into it...) and Umineko no Naku Koro ni, becuase it confused me way beyond watchability.

Sunagan avatar Sunagan
Apr 8, 2010

Azumanga wasn't my cup of tea either :P. I haven't dropped anything yet so far, and out of pure idiotic stubbornness i probably never will xD. Sometimes one series you hated for more than 30 eps turns out to become your fav one. That's why i never give up on a series :P

EskimoJo avatar EskimoJo
Oct 24, 2009

Obviously I haven't watched as much anime as you, but I've only ever dropped one thing FLCL, which I had started, stalled, re-started because I couldn't remember where I was or what the hell was happening, stalled again, decided to give it one final go because it seemed highly rated and fell asleep during 3 attempts to watch episode 4.

I didn't like it in the first place, but I managed to get through 3 episodes. I could never drop an anime after only 1 episode, especially because, like you, I read about it first and make sure it sounds interesting enough. Reading that you dropped Azumanga Daioh, which I LOVED after only 1 episode leads me to think that I've made the right decision.

ZerosReign avatar ZerosReign
Aug 10, 2009

Unless something REALLY bugs me in the first episode or two, I generally give it about 4-5 episodes.  Sometimes the animation, sometime just too "kiddie", sometimes just too grotesque or over-the-top for over-the-top's sake.

For me, an example of each would be 'Gilgamesh' and 'Casshern Sins', 'Dancougar Nova' or 'Sailor Moon', and things like 'Queen's Blade' and 'Elfen Lied', respectively.

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