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I am slowly but surely moving all my anime activity from Anime-planet to This was not something that I planned, or something I did because I hate A-P or anything. It's just a matter of simplicity, freshness and sometimes, you just go with the flow. I'll syncronize my A-P anime list and sort things out by the end of June, and then I will have moved there.

So if anyone wants to be my friend in Hummingbird, here's a LINK to my profile. If you wanna know how to register a profile there, comment or message me here.

I wish all the best to Anime-planet and good luck with all the new updates, it's been a blast for years but now it's time for a change. Thank you, sothis, and everyone else! <3

~ Menchi

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AkcessPhantasie Jan 6, 2008

0o0 What anime is your signature from? It's so cute!! X3 >.<

rianne Jan 5, 2008

I tried to watch ragnarok on youtube and dailymotion but i cannot find it, I hope I will though it sounds extremely interesting. Thanks for the welcome Menchi!! 

Takeru Jan 5, 2008

(Hahaha, my comment was too long to fit in one comment (some kind of restriction, I guess). Anyway, here is the follow-up:)

However... Now I'm thirsting for more psychological hikikomori NEET action! x)

Next pay-day I'll buy as many volumes of the manga I can afford.

Hopefully it's just as great as the anime ^^

Takeru Jan 5, 2008

I personally think teenagers who write newspaper articles are cool. I think it's great that there are still teenagers who care about society, and have meanings of their own, not just following the crowd and don't give a damn what happens around them. Sadly, there are not that many of those left... =/

The people who see you as a boring hikky are those who are not worth spending time with in the first place, so don't worry about it :P

Really, a novelist? That's quite a goal. I myself could never have had that kind of occupation. I need a job which I can't possibly bring home; I need my work and my free-time to be separated. If not, I would just work all day long, eventually excluding myself from society, ending up a little like Satou (in a worst-case scenario) xD

But really, if your mind is strong enough to keep work and free-time separated, a novelist seems like a great occupation. I guess it will be hectic with deadlines and such, but what really matters is working with something you enjoy, am I right? ^^

I have been an employee at my father's kiosk since I was 12, so I don't really need a summer job. One job is enough for me ;)

I've heard about Morrowind, but I haven't played it. I've played Oblivion though, but that was before I got my new computer. On my old computer it ran at 20 frames per second on the lowest graphic settings, so I didn't get very far into the game before I got tired of the snail-pace and gave it up xD

Maybe I'll look into it later. Lately I've been busy watching anime. Seeing you had Welcome to the N.H.K on top of your top 5 list, I decided to give it a shot. And... THANK YOU! If it hadn't been for you, I would never have known about this amazing series! :D

I got so hooked that I watched the whole thing in less than 3 days! (Watched the last ep. just now). It went straight to my own top 5 list ;D

However... Now I'm thirsting for m

Takeru Jan 3, 2008

Wow, you write for the school newspaper? That's so cool! ^^

None of the schools I have attended have ever had any school newspaper :/

Meh, it's probably for the best, or else it would just have been filled with my opinions and meanings about everything, of which I'm sure everyone would get bored of pretty soon xD

About the money issue... Why don't you ask your parents if they'll lend you some money, and then pay them back little by little? I do that all the time :)

Too bad you won't have full access to a computer from now on... But try not to forget about Anime-Planet, okay? I really enjoy our little conversation here, it would be a shame if it was to end now...

Untill later then ^^