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Con-season started!

16 FEB

I've been a little slow on watching anyhting for a while, there was a Valentine's Day anime-marathon hosted by Monthly Marathon last weekend, but I on... read more


29 DEC

I usually always watch my anime with subs. I rarely put up with dubs, unless it's the only choice for some reason, either the anime being too old, too... read more

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Merry Christmas everyone!

24 DEC

Feels like the year has gone past so fast again, and it's already Christmastime! I'm celebrating a traditional Finnish Christmas with my family, incl... read more

Tono to Issho

14 JUL

I just watched the first ep of Tono to Issho on Crunchyroll. I usually don't blog about specific titles like this, but I just need to rage about this ... read more

Spring! ...is not here yet.

16 FEB

I haven't written a new blog in a while, it's been all school, studying and exams for me after Christmas.Nothing much has happened considering anime e... read more