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High School DxD

Mar 3, 2012

Story (9/10):

The story gets off to a pretty quick start by introducing the main characters and jumping right into the action onthe first episode, but one of the things I like is that nothing is explained, so it gives an air of realism to the circumstances of the main character, Hyoudou. He and his friends had joined an academy based on the fact that it was originally an all-girls school that had recently become co-ed. However, even after being there for 2 years, none of them had been able to land a girlfriend. They are the classic ero-loving male students that manage to get caught doing perverted things all the time. However, as the story progresses, we find that Hyoudou is a special case. He has, within him, "sacred gear" of the gods. Apparently, in the world around him, there is more going on in the world than is seen by the average person. Demons and fallen angels battling each other claim rights to territories and fight for their own purposes. I gave the story a 9 because I absolutely love a story like HSDXD's. A struggle between demons and fallen angels? Awesome!

Characters (8/10):

Hyoudou, unwittingly has become caught up in the chaos, but he has the potential of greatness. He manages to call upon Ria Gremory, a powerful demon girl that will one day become the head of her household. She takes on Hyoudou as one of her "servants".

I don't know much about the rest of the characters just yet, but they are all fairly ambiguous at first. Their stories may or may not be told as the story unfolds throughout the show, but I think the main portion of the story revolves around Hyoudou and Ria, so I think they are what you really need to know about. I gave the characters an 8 because they seem to be so focused on the two mains and less interested in the other characters.

Sound (8/10):

I didn't really find anything interesting about the sound. THe music was on par with most other anime I have seen, so nothing particularly special there. The sound effects were pretty decent, right down to the gooey-ness of Hyoudou's oozing blood.

The voice actors were all well chosen and match their characters well. I had no problems with the sound, I gave it an 8 because it wasn't particularly amazing.

Animation (10/10):

I absolutely adore the animation in this series. The characters are all well drawn for this type of anime. Their emotions are represented accordingly to what I would expect their expressions to look like. The proportions are fantastic. I particularly love that they didn't censor the wonderful breasts of the beautiful female characters. I hope that in the BD version later on, that they uncensor....other areas of interest.... I also liked the special effects and movement animation. I gave the animation a 10 because I really liked the look and feel of the anime.

Overall (9/10):

Overall, I was very impressed with this anime's quality, but there are always some things left to be desired in just about every anime, so I simply tallied up and averaged the scores of all the sections and gave the most apprpriate rating of 8.75 and rounded to 9 for leaving the breasts uncensored. I love my oppai...

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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Melourn Mar 3, 2012

As of writing this review I have only watched one episode. If I feel that my instincts were off or that my evaluation has changed once I have watched more of this anime, then I will edit my review accordingly. I am pretty sure I won't need to though.