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What?! No manga ratings?

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Zearth Jul 4, 2013

yeah -.-, stupid youtube rules ''no nudity'',,,,, 

and i really wonder who reported my video -.- it was so beautiful :'),,,,,, in just 5 minutes i had almost 200 views and 3 likes xD



what... for months.... :/ costs from 30-50 dollars...

Zearth Jul 3, 2013

Finished AMV :D

Lol, used only one Anime, and it was easy xD ...and yea, now i need to delete all the materials i used for this :')

If someone see pictures and videos i have in folder called: ''FapFap'' ...

...It will not end well.....

Im still waiting for your live commentary video ;)

Zearth Jul 2, 2013

*opens the package*  ,,,,damn... DIS SUM GOOD SHIT

That page is in english, but i use, so maybe because of that google want to translate it.

The most ive ever stayed up would be 11 am... that was for new year,,,

Well... we were drunk xD but still, I drove the car in these

I could stay more than 24 hours awake on PC, but i dont think thats good for my eyes xD...... they starting to turn red lol,,,

I will start soon to work on that AMV........... I know it will be crap *Tears slowly fall down the face* but never mind, I'll try. ........ xD

Zearth Jul 1, 2013

I know what to use :D this anime looks good: Resort Boin (dont watch this Anime xD) ...and with that crazy song, its going to be good xD

I will try to finish AMV in one day,,,, and i will try not to use porno scenes ... lol

...and luckily youtube will not ban me :')

So she looks like little angel, but inside she is a devil ^o^ ..... damn i want to meet her :3

...joking :P

Where im from its almost 3 in the morning,,,, just add +6 hours on yours....

Zearth Jul 1, 2013

(-_-)'' ...  UNDONE WHAT I JUST SAW ...

I searched for Boku No Pico and yaoi pictures poped out ... this day is ruined .. lol

I dont remember name of Anime that i really hate, the main character is a coward (big coward) .. they draw sword from spiritual world (or something like that)...

If i where you i'd kick her ass :D (Or maybe not, i like her name, its short and cute :D)

I will start tomorrow to search Anime for AMV,,,, I will probably get lot of dislikes.. after uploading on youtube.. lol