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gottabethebest1 Jan 5, 2010

Muriel-san!! Yay, I found you finally 'cus I was lazy and didn't look---...oopss...I totally didn't say that....ERASE THAT FROM YOUR MEMORY CELLS!!

HawaiianLoveGirl22 Dec 16, 2009

lol have did you get your sister to watch some? that'd be so cool if she liked the anime. are you watching it in japanese subtitles with her or in english dub with her? lol either way, hahahahaha. that'd be cool, kallan loves that anime also i know that much. anyways...I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON ANIME!!!!! i love anime just too bad there is not enough daylight to watch anime more often. or read manga. though its sometimes easier to read manga 'cause all you need is either the book or the computer. but if you have the actual comic book you'd feel awkward with people staring at you. and sometimes you dont always have access to a computer and when you do in a public place people who are taking peeks over ur shoulder are probably thinking "what the heck!?" lol.

anwyays miss you so much! happy holidays!

HawaiianLoveGirl22 Dec 15, 2009

hey whats up!? hows anime life over all the way where you are?

miss you soooo entirely much that i would trade all the potatoes in the world to see you again!

HawaiianLoveGirl22 Apr 3, 2009




it me maile. oh and gen and cait gotz an account to.