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Hi everyone who's on my channnel!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...........................(wait for it).. Anime!! DUMDUM DUM!!! :P

My favourite hobbies are probably reading Manga, watching anime and playing guitar!! I like to go on youtube (alot) and listen to music. I can play piano & acoustic+electric guitar :)

I go to an all girl school so thats one thing that makes me depressed but i'm cool with it cuz all the girls are friendly,fun and nice and another thing is they don't care what the hell you do!
I speak english (obviously), Irish and a little bit of german and french. If you come from a different country I can still talk to you through Google translate. I'm very sporty too! I go swimming on Monday,Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:30 a.m (ugh....) I'm on the volleyball team (I think it's just probably because I'm tall) the camogie team and the gaelic football team (irish sports) I love vocaloid as well as anime :D

Well apart from that I like to draw but all we've done in art class is draw! Oh and another thing you should know, once I start talking its hard to shut me up!! Haha!
well i hope to talk 2 ya soon, C YA!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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THoD Apr 26, 2011

Ciao, I love romance, comedy and fantasy anime, psychological and drama fall just behind them. What's your favorite anime so far? Mine would have to be Clannad or Shakugan no Shana but I have high hopes for a few on my watching list...

Rycod2 Apr 26, 2011

yeah no problem :D

thanks for accepting my friend request lol..

animeforever817 Apr 19, 2011

Hey its me Rachel from youtube ^_^

THoD Apr 19, 2011

Hallo da and welcome to Anime Planet, I hope you enjoy your stay. What genres of anime are you into? Perhaps I can give you some recommendations. ^_^