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Hazard 4 is a sweet game!

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rossion Dec 18, 2008

you sit down to a night of fmp and when you play it a person apears on screen with a sickening smile he waves you remove the dvd  and try the next one it's the same you check all of them they are all the same so you take them back to where you baught them and when they try them they work fine so you return home to find when you open the door you see a pool of blood and the figure in the tv coming closer now out of the tv you scream but no one hears it or sees you again

arc666 Dec 18, 2008

Hmmmm......Mecha tama was busy contemplating the inner workings of a Bannana phone when a noise came from his fridge it was heavily muffled so he walked up o the fridge and opened it.

''Hey bud!'' A bannana shouted a him.

''what the hell?'' Mecha tama thaught to himself.

''I'm a bannana budddy!''it shouted.

''I can see that''Mecha tama said, ''but how are you speaking?''

''Oh, that's easy''the bannana said lift me up and see. Mecha tama went to lift the phone but as soon as he touched it he felt a sharp pain in his hands then he saw the food in his fridge all miraculously sprout force arms and legs and they had some rope...

''Come on bud!'' The bannana shouted. And he was soon gagged and tied then they blindfolded him.

When the blindfold was removed he was in a giant blender.

''help me!'' He shouted.

''Okay bud we'll help you help you die''The bannanas said with glee, ''unless you agree to be our toy''

''Never!'' Mecha tama shouted. But the machine began to move.

''Wont you reconsider?'' They asked Mecha Tama. He nodded and he was taken away that's the last time he was ever seen on earth...

Termia Dec 17, 2008

While you are watching Bleach, a girl stands in front of your door. When you open it you don't see her anywere. So you decide to return to your episode. But when you're back in your living room the girl is sitting in front of your television.

"Sorry, I just love this show." The girl says and then she dissapears. While you're thinking about this strange phenomena you watch the rest of your eppisode. When you're finished the girl appears again.

"You have some nice friends, seeing how they asked me to stalk you" Then the girl dissapears again.

Whenever you are watching an anime episode the same thing happens, each time the girl says the same things, till one day you ask her why she keeps coming.

"I told you: a friend of yours wants you stalked, so here I am. The rest of the stalk party will arrive shortly... or have already been here. Anyway, have a nice time on AP."

therik Dec 17, 2008

I'm stalking you.

Yeah, that's right. Stalking you. So what you gonna do about it? Huh? Punk? What you gonna do?

Stalk Stalk Stalk Stalk Stalk Stalk.

Don't like that, do you?

Stalk Stalk Stalk Stalk Stalk Stalkitty Stalk Stalk Stalk.

Now how you gonna act?

Uriel Dec 17, 2008

*huge monkey in leather bikini enters your basement holding pecular red ball gag in one hand and radiator in the other*

So, I heard you are in for some bizzare stalking today?