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Helloes, uh . . . what to say? What to say? 

I'm a dudette, I uhh am turning 16 in October. Hey! I'll be sixteen on the sixteenth! That's awesome. 

I've watched around 100 animes. I think I've read more mangas than that.

The first anime I ever watched was Dragon Ball. OHYABABY. Best anime of life. 

I'm kind of bored of this so I'm going to go nows. Bye. Bi. Buy. By. Bigh. 

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sahilms says...

nope i disagree :P

Jul 15, 2010
sahilms says...

:P well you cant text with a  house phone, and you can take pics with a cellphone!!


Jul 13, 2010
sahilms says...

lmfao hey, ive gotten a lot of money this way :P you should try it too, maybe you can save upto get a phone ;)

Jul 12, 2010
sahilms says...

i am :P i bet my dad 20:30 that spain would win ;D

Jul 11, 2010
sahilms says...

check out ricochet, and ghost town :p

Jul 8, 2010