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Hey y'all! Name McKenzie and I adore anime! My top 3 favorite anime would be Fairy Tail, SAO (sword art online) and Orphen because it was my first anime!

I'm not overly good at these things so yeah....wanna know more about me just ask :D

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Bugbird1 Jul 26, 2013

Awe no problem thank you for the reply!! Now if you want some recomendations for some absolutely adorable romance animes, jusst remember I'm your woman! for example Uta no prince sama majo love 1000% (also the second season), Campione!, Itazura na Kiss, Earl and Fairy (I especially love this one, it kind of reminds you of maid-sama). These are a few, check them out, see if you like them, and don't worry I got more if you do!!!!    O(≧∇≦)O

Dario97 Jul 26, 2013

no problem nee-chan~ :3 have fun with them :) when you gonna check them out, tell me if you liked them :D

Dario97 Jul 19, 2013

heheheeheh :D check out Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :3 it's way better than normal FMA :) also try Gintama :3 it's the best anime I had seen, my favourite one ;)

Dario97 Jul 17, 2013

Hi :) thanks for friending me ^_^ nice to meet you :3 if you want to watch some new anime, just ask me, i've got plently recomendations for everyone :D