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Hi there visitor. I am a college graduate entering medical school *insert more pointless background*. I got into anime a few years ago, which started with the typical naruto, dragonball Z, and bleach. Since then I have expanded my tastes and interests in many different anime, but I am still a novice :( There are still a lot of shows I am dying to see.

Other than watching anime, I like playing basketball and gaming in my free time (LoL!). Unfortunately, what with school and work, my "free times" seem to be few and far between. However, I spend most, if not every night watching a few episodes of whatever has caught my interest at the moment.

I do have preferred genres although I am open to watching any genre as long as it is well executed. Every time I come across a particularly good show, I always wish for more hours in the day D:

I want to be able to write very detailed and helpful reviews for shows I have watched. I try to be very fair with my ratings, although I don't really have a gold standard to compare most anime to, I try to be open-minded about most shows until the end. There are some shows that I just can't continue watching because they just do not complement my palate. 

If my profile is not an already clear indication, Gintama is pretty much my go-to show, and I have watched each episode many times, and still find them all extremely entertaining! If you haven't watched Gintama, I highly suggest you do! :p

Please recommend me shows that you enjoyed, I want to experience all of the wonders of the anime world :)

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Minai99 avatar Minai99


Jul 11, 2013

Would you be interested in watching Battle Angel Alita with me, sometime? Upon hearing that james cameron is interested in making a live action for it, I figure it's time that I rewatch it, since the last time I saw it I'd probably seen 70 shows, about 5 or 6 years ago. I'm thinking we could watch it on a simul-view website. 

Minai99 avatar Minai99


Jul 11, 2013

You know,t not to beat the horse dead, bu I was just thinking again about the comparison between knk's animation and garden of words', and it occurred to me that I'd been completely neglecting something. It's true that Garden of Words has extremely detailed backgrounds and brief moments of ultra smooth animation. But, although perhaps not *quite* as detailed, kara no kyoukai manages to have these two things, and ALSO has a mucher higher level of action, which can't be easy to animate at all. You don't see the main characters in Garden of Words doing backflips and engaging in epic knife fights. :p

PurpleCatAngel avatar PurpleCatAngel


Jul 11, 2013

My signaure is Saya and Haji, my favorite pairing, from the show Blood+.

Minai99 avatar Minai99


Jul 11, 2013

Dammit, I've been listening to nothing but the KnK ost for the last few hours since you made that post! xD Yeah, I know what you mean about reading. I used to be a pretty big reader when i was in middle school and early high school. Would read a few books a week during school, and in the summer...oh boy! But ever since forced me to read any number of horrible books in high school, and throughout college, I haven't read much. I still am open to reading, I just haven't seen anything that has really piqued my interest of late, I've been playing a lot of xbox, and I have shows like KnK and Ano hana to keep me entertained, if I want a good story. :p FYI I guess snivets already saw episode 6 and will be emailing me her thoughts later on tonight!

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