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Jul 15, 2012

ok so I just finished watching episode 12 there is supposed to be one more episode according to, so im just going to base my review off of what i've seen so far.

the anime started off with a bunch of teens with the dreams of being idols i thought oh..thats kinda seemed wishy washy.. there was a few other animes that i've watched similar in this aspect and sometimes i was like meh why bother continuing but i cant ever stop watching an anime halfway through. Anyways after like episode 3 or 4 i started to get hooked to this the storyline would get better and better its not just ur average i want to be an idol so ill make sure im better then the rest. this anime goes bout showing u the pain and suffering that these teens and their families go through espically since they are all from places where entertainment is BANNED and punishable. Not only do these girls have to go through hard ships to make it big...but its their ONLY chance there is no turning back, this anime shows that their decision to become a idol effects EVERYONE and the impact/burden it causes.

the story in my opinion is pretty good it has sort of a rough start but it gets good!

The animation on this anime isnt bad but its not great i feel sometimes the characters limbs look a little to wobbly however once they start dancing in concerts the animation gets really good.

The music isn't so bad and theres alot of different songs, and alot of variety theres like 20 singers or something! cause there is ALOT of variety.

the characters...wellllllllll.....sometimes i confuse some of the characters cause some of them  look alike and the fact that there is ALOT of them so it gets a bit hard to remember who is who and where they stand but each one has their own background and its pretty well developed for a anime thats so short.

Overall i give this anime an 8/10 its a pretty addicting anime but the way it starts may push people away, and of course not everyone is going to like everything in the idol genre.. its a good watch prolly not an anime i'd re-watch (then again the only ones i've ever re-watch was Last Exile and Kanon HAHAHA)

Edit: after watching the final ep i just wanted to add on ...i couldn't have asked for a better way to end it.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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