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THIS ANIME IS THE BEST ANIME I HAVE EVER SEEN!  As you can see by my name I'm a fan of Code Geass.  A fan would be a great understatement to what I am. Hell I could go on for pages but i will summerize each point that i think that makes this anime one of the best.  First let's start out with the setting, what else makes the anime what it is?  The setting is absolutely amazing, as you follow the character Lelouch Vi Brittania.  Lelouch is the prince of Birttania or was, as he relinquished his rights to the thrown.  He found out his father (the king) sat idly by while his monster was murdered.  So he took his blind sister with him to Japan,  Where he met Suzaku Kururugi  The son of the leader of japan (can't remember what they call him).  And that's the start of this great anime.  The main Character is Lelouch as i mentioned,  He could be called a phychopath, Genuis, Anarachist, Ect.  Though i think he's a visionary sort.  he obtains the power of Geass from CC (you could call her a deity/demi god/immortal.) she is of a odd sort like Lelouch (what a perfect pair).  as you advance onto the story you will devolope a great feeling for most of the characters in this anime.  Such as I love Euphemia and i hate her lesbian fan girl nina.  The characters are inspiring to me in my everyday life (might happen to you too :P).  If youv'e ever read one of my reviews before i always go for the long term unsought after meaning of the anime.  For this I think it's that anyone can rise to power off of simple chance.  Also that Lelouchs Requiem is for basically world peace (everyone to be equal without bigotry).  This anime I suggest to you greatly.


10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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