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May 31, 2013

Story: Noein's story is simple. It's about a romance that ends in tragedy. The twist comes when you add spacial dimensional time travel on top of this formula and you have people from the future wanting to change things in the past to hopfully have a better future? The story kind of gets muddled in the middle with TONS of quantum pysics jargon and theta/beta/alpha particle discussion and dimensions and overlaps and there's mentions of Shangri-La in there and you really don't have much of a clue what's going on other than all of this stuff is bad. I should also note that the plot item to stop all this is also part of the romance, so you have Haruka which is the "Dragon Torque" that can basically bend all the dimensions to her will that is also needed to stop the dimension convergence. There's also a bit about a "Magic Circle" project but that plot just seemed to be throw away and insignificant to anything going on with the Lacry'ma people, Shangri-La's Noein and the kids.

In the end it felt that the plot and story dragged on for more than it needed to. Why I appreciate the "slice of life" to some of the episodes and felt they filled out the characters there were a few there, even towards the end that were basically filler and basically telling us "The future sucks for everyone always and forever!" which you already have gotten in the previous 20 some episodes. You'll also get sick of Haruka constanyly saying "Yuu" or "Karasu" over and over as well as her just standing there whenever something goes after her.

Animation: My feelings on animation are that it really hasn't been good since the late 90's when there was a switch from cel to digital. It really shows here, episode 2 has some of the best animation of the whole anime, and the rest are just kind of a cluster of geometric shapes that look human. The fight scenes are the absolute worst. It sometimes looks like they tried to rotoscope some of them and it looks chunky and blobby. The 3D in it was probably the best looking part

Sound: The sound was the best part. I felt the music fit really well and the sound effects for the Lacry'ma/Shangri-La parts were wierd, different and thus awesome. There were even small details like the eletric sound of Karasu and co's walking that really spoke to how different Karasu was from being human.

Characters: The characters were probably the strongest part of this anime. How they were when they were kids, VS what they grew up to be when you see them in Lacry'ma. Overall the slice of life nature was good to their development. As for the people of Lacry'ma I sort of felt they fell into stereotypes, the Knight (Karasu), the Killer (Atori), the Genius (Tobi), the Double Agent (Kuina), the Girl (Kosagi), the Brother (Fukuro).

Overall: (Average) Overall this series was good, it lagged in spots but it had a nice feel to it that wasn't stereotypical of most other anime.

6/10 story
4/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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