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Greetings! I am a 28 year old anime fan, from the wild north! I have been an anime fan since I was in highschool, and I have had a healthy apprtiation of it ever since (Think more hobbyist and less wee-a-boo). I have cleared a fair amount of series and have probbaly even more on the back burner.

My current favorite is Kanon (2006). The heart-renching story, character devolopment and the sheer likeable-ness of the main character makes this series absolutly fantastic!

My good friend and myself often say that we wish we could go back in time; to before we watched Kanon, so we could re-watch it and have it effect us, the same way...All over again.

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michaelajoyxx says...

So true but torrents are less expensive then buying the anime by volume or box set I have several hundred dollars worth before knowing what a torrent really was. Thank you for welcoming. :)

Oct 28, 2010
ShyShy says...

Hello again!  I actually just got finished with 'Air.'  This anime was a little off for me, since I was really confused and felt like I was left hanging.  Plus I wish they focused more on Misuzu, rather than those other two girls.  I think Misuzu's story would have been fantastic to bas this whole anime off of.  The ending made me say WHAT? basically as well.  In the end I'm assuming he failed to save the girl in the sky and a new boy would follow the same destiny?

Anyways, do you mean the chat room under 'extra stuff??'

Thanks for replying, I'm going to watch Kanon 2006 now!

Oct 28, 2010
ShyShy says...


I really appreciate recommendations!!  There is so much out there.  I really appreciate it!

Oct 27, 2010
KattIsACat says...

xD LOL, thanks.

Oct 27, 2010
Katiedid315 says...

sorry i didn't write back sooner, haven't been able to get to a computer for the past few days. i mainly like horror and adventure. even though i am a girl, i don't really like romantic stuff. a little romance is okay but i don't want to see it on every other page.

Oct 25, 2010