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Greetings! I am a 25 year old anime fan, from the wild north! I have been an anime fan since I was in highschool, and I have had a healthy apprtiation of it ever since (Think more hobbyist and less wee-a-boo). I have cleared a fair amount of series and have probbaly even more on the back burner.

My current favorite is Kanon (2006). The heart-renching story, character devolopment and the sheer likeable-ness of the main character makes this series absolutly fantastic!

My good friend and myself often say that we wish we could go back in time; to before we watched Kanon, so we could re-watch it and have it effect us, the same way...All over again.

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AngelsMyName avatar AngelsMyName


Jul 10, 2010

aha The First Thing that comes to mind is SET UP PROFILE after i sign up for something, Im Surprised that not alot of people do that >:]

(Someone ate my cookie...Damn)

Duckytape avatar Duckytape


Jul 8, 2010

Heh.. I'm not actually from canada, sorry ^.^" but I hope to find out how awesome it is by visiting there someday!

chii avatar chii


Jul 4, 2010

heh we sure do. and i'm totally not bothered by flooding comments. heh AP is a very fun place to explore :D

chii avatar chii


Jul 4, 2010

just stumbled upon ya honestly heh i click on the user page a lot when i'm bored and your "wild north!" got me interested heh

chii avatar chii


Jul 4, 2010

welcome to AP ^__^

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