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Greetings! I am a 25 year old anime fan, from the wild north! I have been an anime fan since I was in highschool, and I have had a healthy apprtiation of it ever since (Think more hobbyist and less wee-a-boo). I have cleared a fair amount of series and have probbaly even more on the back burner.

My current favorite is Kanon (2006). The heart-renching story, character devolopment and the sheer likeable-ness of the main character makes this series absolutly fantastic!

My good friend and myself often say that we wish we could go back in time; to before we watched Kanon, so we could re-watch it and have it effect us, the same way...All over again.

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animeotakujoanne avatar animeotakujoanne

Thanks! ^_^

Oct 14, 2010

thank you! I will ^-^

Hellburn avatar Hellburn


Aug 16, 2010

Well ... I neva' tough a mecha anime will be like this ... I must say thx kid, I really enjoyed the anime.

I think will check you anime lists from time to time, maibe I will find something entertaining for lathers on ...

Well ... see ya latherz ...


Thanks! ^_^

Jul 25, 2010

ya iwas tryin to do that after i watch the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya



Jul 23, 2010

finihed kanon and air  all i got to say is key the company are demons

mahollo avatar mahollo

Thanks! ^_^

Jul 18, 2010

Hi and thanks for the welcome

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