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H-Game to Anime conversions...Why they rock?

29 OCT

Well here's a topic that I've often discussed with friends: Why it seems that the majority of H-Game to Anime conversions always seem to be sooo well done?

I guess we can attribute this to the fact that alot of the juggernaughts of the H-Game world (IE: Visual Key, Type Moon, ect) already have very well established story lines and characters, the anime just (At least traditionally) removes the sex aspect.

I have been a long time fan of both of these companies and I have seen nearly everything they have produced for series` (Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, Air, Kanon, Clanaad, Angel Beats!) and I can truly say (With the exception of one) that I have thourghly enjoyed all these series. It also seems that in watching the series it makes me want to check out the games to see how the stories differ from eachother (Kanon was a good example of the stories taking a bit of a different turn depending on the choices you made).

All in all, I guess this was just more of an opinion blog created out of bordem at work. So if anyone has anything to add, comment, ect...I always welcome it (As long as it's civil and contructive).

Happy watching everyone!


I appologize if my thoughts weren't very coherent...This blog was a little rushed as I am writing it inbetween phone calls at work ahaha!

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Astrak avatar Astrak
Dec 2, 2010

Well, if you watch it without reading the novel (first or aftewards, it doesn't matter) it isn't so bad. I saw Tsukihime "adaptation" long time ago and I thought it was quite decent... But after I read the novel? I was like: "Wtf?! How could they do something so horrible to such a great story?" I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. How they depictured Kohaku was especially bad. Come on, like this it seems like she's just a next overly cheerful character (even though she's the biggest psycho amongst them).
Nearly the same applies for F/S. Maybe the series wouldn't have been so bad if they took only Saber route. But what did they do? Took the most boring route and then illogicaly added things from the other two. And the outcome is one big mishmash. Needless to say, very bad mishmash (especially at the end). UBW movie was fail too (for readers), it was too short to contain all of novel material (the only things that saved it from epic fail were soundtrack and animation). And I don't want to even image what they will do to Heaven's Feel...

The truth is that adaptations are always more or less worse than the original (an examples of the first are two series above, the latter is for example Higurashi... But Umineko falls within the first).

Mattlore avatar Mattlore
Dec 1, 2010

@Astrac: That's a matter of opinion. Personally, I quite enjoyed Tsukihime and all the other above mentioned series' (As did alot of friends and aquiantces). I found Tsukihime to be a very well rounded, action anime with some hints of romance that offered a few interesting twists to round it all off. Now not a PERFECT anime by any stretch of the imagination, I still found it to be VERY enjoyable and worthy of my claim that H-Game conversions are ussually made quite well.

And Fate/Stay Night (In my opinion) was a FANTASTIC series. It was visually appealing, had plenty of character devolpment and offered plenty of romantic awkwardness between that characters that made the series all the more enjoyable.

The only series I did not like (but has gotten alot of critcal priase) was Clannad; and that's more of a personal opinion then anything.

I guess I don't know why I'm making such an elaborate comment defending my blog (Boredom I suppose). Though I ask that if anyone else wishes to comment, please elaborate and provide something else besides "They suck" or something along those lines.

Astrak avatar Astrak
Dec 1, 2010

Rock? More like suck (at least in Tsukihime's case... well F/S's too).

CherriJuice avatar CherriJuice
Oct 29, 2010

Well i guess thats what happens when there is a computer where you work :P I would do it too dont worry! lol

Mattlore avatar Mattlore
Oct 29, 2010


It's uhh...Work...Related...I guess...*cough*

Hell the fact that I'm on an anime forum/rateing/social networking site at work has something to say too! ahaha

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