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kamichama karin to sailor moon


as of yesterday, i am IN LOVE with Kamichama Karin! (English translates to "Little Goddess Karin"). true, i've seen two episodes, but my goddess! it's good! the characters are interesting, the animation is beautiful and the plot is suspensful. plus, the theme song is amazing...

this is the second anime i've seen where one of the leads is named karin. the other one i watched this summer, it was called Onegai Twins! and was the spin off to Onegai Teacher! which i've yet to see. i liked that one too, but it was like being invited to a party late, so i don't recomend watching Twins! until you've seen Teacher!

the two karins aren't really all that similar... but they are both cute as peach pie!

SPEAKING OF PEACHES... i'm also rewatching Wedding Peach and plan to once again follow with Wedding Peach DX. i can't believe how much i missed this one! falling in love with the love angels all over and can't wait to hate the purple haired water devil... ya know?

one thing that really bugs me about watching Wedding Peach on YouTube is all the stupid comments about which came first, Wedding Peach or Sailor Moon. IT DOESN'T MATTER. i actually saw a comment that said "they look the same because they have the same manga writter." um... no. no they don't. Sailor Moon, i know for a fact, was written by TAKEUCHI Naoko. i don't know who wrote Wedding Peach, but it could not be Takeuchi-sama because she happens to be my idol and i would know if she wrote Peach. And by the way, the word is mangaka.

rant much?

this satisfies me for today.


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