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Hello world

10 MAR

My dear friends!

I want to introduce, i am Matsu and i am one of the editors on few websites in Poland wich are related with anime, manga and Japanese Culture.

I will publish my thoughts about anime on this blog in my spare time, between my work and my education.

In that case I want to ask you, about condition of new animes in the spring season 2012. I have to say, that it's not especially that what I was thought it will be.
The reason is simple - cash. World is a mix of cash, people and nature.
Unfortunately, the cash is our priority, and it's a thing that we're searching for.

Condition of anime and also condition of manga is awful, cause a producer, don't thinks about the artism or moral. but he's thinking about the best and fastest way to earn money.

I'am so disappointed, that we havn't (for example in Poland) any influence on that what is happening in Japan. We can only wait for the new generation and believe, that they will change world of anime and manga.

What do you think about it?



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