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I live in the most boring part of Britain where I spend most of my time either on the net, playing video games, watching TV, reading manga, watching anime or just spacing out and relaxing. I love almost anything Japanese. I'm actually quite shy around new people, but once you get to know me I'm actually just annoying. I'd write more here, but I'm lazy.

If you are wondering why there isn't anything in my top five anime then it's because I don't like picking favourites.

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Lockerbie, U.K

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December 13, 2007

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October 7, 2011

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skye456 avatar skye456


Feb 5, 2008

Oh hush. It has been cold lately, if ONLY it would go up like 5 degrees more, after -50 the school buses won't come so we don't have to go unless our parents take us, which, MY parents will not get up that early and drive me.

skye456 avatar skye456


Feb 4, 2008

It can. :P You  know it was -42 degrees this morning!! I made my mom drive me.

skye456 avatar skye456


Jan 24, 2008

xD. Well people tend to love how I think.

And I don't eat snow, it's ucky ^__^. Just plain annnnd simple.

skye456 avatar skye456


Jan 22, 2008

...What? I can't eat the snow, there's germs in there. HAHAHA. And if you're life isn't interesting, make it interesting, that's what I do.

skye456 avatar skye456


Jan 21, 2008

Exactly. So, anything else interesting going on with you??

Oh yeah, we had a black out last night, cause all the snow messed with the connection or something like that...We have a lot of snow now.

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