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Hi, my name is Aiko. I'm of mixed ethnicity (English/Japanese) and originally from Japan. I'm currently living and working in England as an Art Director.

I began watching anime during the early 90s with Doraemon, Sazae-san and Chibi Maruko-chan. However, it wasn't until a few years later that I started to watch more actively with anime such as Sailor Moon, Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2. Since then, my interest has manifested into an eventual obsession, tentatively watching every anime season for the past two decades.

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AngryJellyfish says...

Thanks! It was a spur of the moment choice, since I didn't want to leave the header blank while I searched for a more permanent image, but I'm thinking about keeping it now.

Your cover image is great too, fits your avatar's theme nicely. :D

Jul 21, 2014
Dalili says...

Can't believe I haven't made it to a month but you're close to 2 years! I really need to up my game. 

On a serious note, hope you're well! :-)

Jul 2, 2014
Caraniel says...

Hiya~! It really has been ages, I should really drop by TSR at soon - I seem to have lost all concept of time lately.  Hope your Christmas was lovely & Happy New Year I suppose too XD

Dec 30, 2013
engaria says...

Hello my dear,

It's been too long since we spoke. We must do soon. How are things with you?

Sep 3, 2013
vin says...

Thanks for the message. :3 It was nothing you did. I was just very busy. I was travelling between leicester and london for a few months for work. :3 Aside from that there were also some weddings.. and I was volunteering at an event called indian summer so went to training for that. :P Thought I was gonna have an ordinary role.. I was one of three performance coordinators! =C There was also the mcm expo waay back.. where I got to meet shinichiro watanabe :O Hmm there was also a visit to whitby somewhere in all that. And this weekend Ill be away at ayacon leaving very soon this morning.. but Ill be volunteering at it this time. But this is the last big thing.. well except our visit to the harry potter tour but thats next weekend. :P

Sorry I've not been on. :( Will chat more on monday. :)

Aug 16, 2013