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Hey Everyone this is Cody here(Thought MasterPiece sounds cool) coming to be the person who watches the most anime ever!


I live with my parent in VA I'm 17 and single for the ladies and I love anime.One day I would                 love to make my own.

I love basketball and just having fun.

If you ever want to tell me some awesome anime friend me and I'll check your stuff out don't be shy :).

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Ulicia Jan 21, 2011

07 ghost was alright, but im stalling it for now.

the artwork was really pretty and easy on the eyes (like tegami bachi), but it was too slow-paced for me.  plus it had no romance (actually, bordering on shounen-ai, which freaks me out), and im into action with a tiny bit of romance.

Ulicia Jan 15, 2011

im not really a huge fan of ecchi, so even though high school of the dead sounded interesting, im going to have to pass.  what anime are you watching?

Ulicia Jan 14, 2011

besides black butler, nothing :(

its sad cuz im almost at the end of the second season! this show is so screwed up but its great.

Ulicia Jan 14, 2011

hey, long time no see! (like less than a week) lol

Ulicia Jan 12, 2011

yea i just started watching black butler a few days ago.  almost finished with season 1!! its really, really good.  i thought it would just be some stupid emo show, but theres lots of comedy bits and a very interesting plot, as well as an extremely cynical main character.  you should definitely watch it.