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Hey Everyone this is Cody here(Thought MasterPiece sounds cool) coming to be the person who watches the most anime ever!


I live with my parent in VA I'm 17 and single for the ladies and I love anime.One day I would                 love to make my own.

I love basketball and just having fun.

If you ever want to tell me some awesome anime friend me and I'll check your stuff out don't be shy :).

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jashan92 Mar 17, 2011

well i really like it. It shows you how hard people work to make their mangas and then make them into animes. It's interesting but a little slow at points. So it really depends on you but i would really recommend you watch it.

jashan92 Mar 16, 2011

i just finished air a while ago. i liked it, but the ending was kinda confusing.

we just recently upgraded our limit so i'm able to watch more now. but i'm waiting till i'm done my exams to start the finish a whole series in one day.

oh and i see that you up to a month now and that you've seen more shows than me. I still have more time and i think that's cause naruto, bleach and one piece pretty take up a whole month by themselves :p that's why i'm at two months.

jashan92 Mar 14, 2011

hey long time no talk. so yea nothings up really just school. i haven't been on much cause it's almost the last week of school so got all my tests and stuff. how have you been??

MiszJean Feb 19, 2011

Hey I loved Clannad too, I loved how it went all the way to the end, I hate it when animes leave you hanging Afterwards haha

And I also loved Sakura haha shes so cute with her little outfits haha

Nomadichu Feb 14, 2011

haha lol... thanks... i guess