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After an event on the webite MyAnimeList.

I have decided to try anew in another field, with the hopes that the grass beneath my feet doesn't wither and turn to dust like it did with MAL.

I'm into pretty much everything in the world of Anime and Manga, though i do lean a lot towards more H based material than anything else.

I've worked as an Editor online and had my works stolen so that came to an end, though the thought to try again is always there.

Japan has always interested me, even the darker sides of the culture over there are of an interest.

I hope that AP treats me well and i shall hope to do the same.


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What?! No anime ratings?

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Sianeka Feb 27, 2014

Haven't seen you online much here recently, and you haven't yet added your anime viewing list yet (even though you may not find all of your H titles listed on the site here! *grin*)

Hope to be welcoming you back again soon. =)

Sianeka Nov 29, 2013

I've found a big sense of community here by participating in the forums and by joining some of the site clubs through the forums.  So, that is a personal recommendation from me for getting the most out of the site.

However, if social interaction isn't your thing, you can still enjoy AP a lot: their recommendations are a great way to find new anime to watch and since they are member recommendations, I think they are more accurate. You can often pinpoint exactly what you seek using them, as the reason for the recommendation is given and members tell why they recommend a certain anime if you liked a different anime... Their anime tracking system is also awesomely useful as well, and I like the ratings system in play, too. - Sianeka

Sianeka Nov 26, 2013

Hiya again friend! (Thank you for friending me, I have also friended you!) Have you set up an AP forum registration/profile yet? (It's currently separate from the site one - there are plans to merge the two, but that hasn't yet happened.)  The forums are where most of the member-member interactions take place, so if you want to branch out from doing solo stuff here, that is the place to head next.

Sianeka Nov 25, 2013

Hello! Although I've not seen much H anime, I do enjoy yaoi and yuri anime, and have enjoyed some ecchi themed stuff. Not quite the same, but ... 

Anyway, welcome to AP.  I got lucky and found AP before I'd heard of those other sites, so I've been fortunate never to have had any unpleasant experiences with them.  I love it here, though.  Hope you do too! - Sianeka