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Name: Jorge Hernandez

Age: 21

Intrests: Anime, Music, Games

Little about me: I was born in Colombia moved when i was 3 months old to Holland. Most of the days I spend watching anime, Listening to music and play games.

Music genres I like are Trance, Metal, J-Pop/Rock, Rock, anything else that sounds nice I am open to anything to try out. My favoriete artiests are Blood Stain Child, Ferry Corsten, Kotoko, Yuki Kajiura, Mamiko Noto. I listen aslo to Vocaloid! favoriete vocaloid is Kagamine Rin. Favoriete song is I like you, I love you.

I play PS3, Xbox 360 and MMOs games, Favoriete kind of games anything as long it has a amazing story line! Favoriete games are White Knight Chronicles I and II, Gears of War serie, Mass Effect serie, Crysis serie, Butlletstorm, Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean the last hope.


Here Below is a few lists on what my favoriete Anime, Openings, Endings etc.

Top 10 anime:

1. Baka to test to shoukanjuu

2. Deadman Wonderland

3. Infinite Stratos

4. Star Driver

5. Code Geass

6. Shugo Chara

7. Chi's sweet home

8. Ouran High School Host Club

9. Sora o Kakeru Shoujo

10. My-Hime


Top 5 Anime Openings

Song title - artist - anime

1. Cloud Age Symphony - Shuntaro Okino - Last Exile

2. Core Pride - UVERworld - Ao no Exorcist

3. Days - Flow - Euraka Seven

4. Last Regrets - Ayana - Kanon(2006)

5. Fiesta - +Plus - Fairy Tail


Top 5 Anime Endings

song title - artist - anime

1. Ashita no Te - Mamiko Noto - Witchblade

2. Orange - Rie Kugimiya - Toradora

3. Take Off - 2PM - Ao no Exorcist

4. Holy Shine - Daisy x Daisy - Fairy Tail

5. Shiny Shiny - Nirgilis - Deadman Wonderland


Top 10 Anime OST songs

song title - artist - anime

1. Innocent Blue l'apprivoise version - Rina Hidaka - Star Driver

2. Tateyo! F Class!! - Nijine - Baka to test to Shoukanjuu

3. Lua's Awakening - Unknown Artist - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

4. Yusei's Theme - Unknown Artist - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

5. Materialize - Yuri Kasahara - Mai-Otome

6. Nanimo Okoranainda - I've - Onegai Teacher

7. Demo Suki - I've - Onegai Teacher

8. Monochrome l'apprivoise version - Haruka Tomatsu

9. Sei Otome no Inori - Yuki Kajiura - Mai-Otome

10. Mezame - Yuki Kajiura - My-Hime


Top 5 Anime Chars

1. Chi - Chi's sweet home <3

2. Lelouch - Code Geass

3. Muttsurini - Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

4. Su - Shugo Chara

5. Shimada Hazuki - Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu


Favoriete Anime Quoto:

*Do Skeletons Fly when you put wings on them?* Yuuki, Kyo Kara Maoh


This is what i like :P if ya miss something tell me  ;)


My Ratings

0stars - Not Certain yet rating comes later

0.5-1star - Worst Anime Ever wasted my watching it

1.5stars - Bad anime no recommendation

2-2.5stars - Boring anime no recommendation either

3-3.5stars - Good Anime I liked it

4stars - Awsome Anime I totally recommend to watch this anime

4.5stars - Amazing Anime gonna rewatch it soon and recommend this anime

5Stars - Masterpiece of a Anime deserves a top10 spot, Gonna rewatch it again and totally recommend it to watch.


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Hiyapeeps says...

Yup, i found out d.gray-man was comin back a few days ago, i've heard it'll be back around september, can't wait for it - well maybe i can cos then i'll have to go back to college too.... Tried readin the manga but its jus confusin, whos elima????

Jul 30, 2009
KiraRin says...

Hmm... I love Su too, the way Amu's hair goes into bunches is adorable! But the green dress is awful >.< My favourite is probably Yoru, I love his cheeky and loyal nature.


Jul 8, 2009
VivisQueen says...

Thank you. You're most kind. ^_^ My avatar and sig are of Arslan from Heroic Legend of Arslan, an outstanding fantasy. It's horribly unfinished, but what there is is very compelling.

Jul 7, 2009
KiraRin says...

I didn't realise it was a competition.... if it is, you should try and compete with Chii. That girl is insane!

And I love the girlish charm of Shugo, as much as I may try to deny my love of shoujo series. I adored Princess Tutu, Tweeny Witches and CCS >.<


Jul 7, 2009
KiraRin says...

That'll teach me to read profiles before typing, I might now make such an ass of myself then :p

I have to admit, I hated Shugo Shugo to start with. I thought it was just a blatant copy of Card Captor with a modern twist. The shows are still very similar, but I have more Amu love than I do Sakura love ;P


Jul 7, 2009