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Angel Beats!

Nov 12, 2012

I watched this series based on its rating and the ranking. Well I guess things hardly goes the other direction for me if the majority says it's good.

I haven't seen many animes yet but somehow it gives me the same feeling and chill I have from this other anime called 'sola'.

Angel Beats can be considered as a short and beautiful masterpiece. It offers many warm and touching moments, some of which I kind of share. I cried quite alot in this series, mostly during the main character's flashback and the ending. Haven't cried like this for a while since Joseph Jobson's flashback in "Blassreiter".

Anyways getting back to the point. One flaw of this anime is that they tend to stuff too much into the audience's mind at once, such as the first episode, with the misson details and all. Throughout the series I have to pause the anime just to read and digest what they are trying to say. Another flaw is that there wasn't enough detail on how each of the member passes on, we don't know how they all die and we don't know what they want inorder to walk off peacefully either. 

As some other reviewers pointed out, since this is a story revolved around death and passing on, the main focus should be oh how each of the characters has passed on. But instead, we only get a detailed description for Yuzuru, Masami, Yuri and Yui. It's pretty obvious the whole series was rushed and compacted into 13 episodes, as masami and yui aren't really the main characters and Kanade character and life isn't well described either when it should. It's a bit disappointing how after the infiltrating the guild there's only 5 left and the others have all moved on without us knowing what have happened.

The ending was great, especially the short clip after the ending credits which basically wraps up the whole story and gives us the one of the perfect ending we wanted. Although I still believe the focus shift of Yuri to Kanade was somehow rough.

In the end, another great anime which I do recommend watching. But it's full potential is not reached due to the limited amount of episodes available. It's almost like writing your entire life story in one page. It's a real pity like some other animes where a little more time or budget could've truely created a 'master's masterpiece'

Still 9.2/10 for the beauty and warmth it gave me (music was perfect by the way)

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.2/10 overall
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