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Hello my name is Matt,16 and I like anime.

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dan78 Oct 4, 2013

unbias reviews are done by ppl called critics (yes i know some arent, but corrupt cops also exist, so...) that make a living out of giving objective reviews to shows.

as for not knowing what a good anime is; its a reference to trashing things he doesnt like not taking into account what the anime was aiming for or the genres in wich it operates. ie: an action fan giving a love drama 3/10 because he found it boring.

im happy you disagree with me and can stay polite about it but pls dont spam my page with 1ligne responses :)

dan78 Oct 3, 2013

giving 2/3 of your reviews a failing grade indicates an hateful and petty individual that rather trash things than give constructive comments.

i feel sad that you think the amount you watch is relevant to the quality of your opinion. bias ppl write bad reviews unless you hit their genre, its as simple as that.