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Genmu Senki Leda

10 NOV

Let's all take ... a BIIIIIIG ol' acid trip! At least, that's the general feeling I got after watching this title. Boy, I thought I had seen some weird stuff, but this flick takes the cake! Well, first things first, I guess. The art and animation in this title are actually not too shabby. Some really bizarre visual effects can be found, making this one somewhat of a jaunt for the anime-watcher who thinks he's seen it all. The mecha and aircraft designs are all equally strange, sort of what Miyazaki might come up with after he's inhaled a bit too many paint fumes. The conventional, the tried and true ... you won't find it here (although there are some rather strong nods to Star Wars). The soundtrack, given the main theme of this film (i.e. Piano Music Can Snatch You To Another Dimension If You Are Not Careful), is up to snuff, and Yohko's composition is certainly an impressive piece of music. The storyline, just like everything else in the film, is really odd as well; perhaps a bit too odd. Maybe it was because we saw it really late at night (then again, that fact might have actually helped), but it seemed that Yohko's initial transportation ended up being the least strange turn of events out of the whole film. The background story and events just kept getting stranger and more disjoint until we just sort of gave up just trying to understand the whole thing. And when the music video interlude popped up near the middle of the end ... well ... Granted, the ending is rather satisfying, and everything kinda makes sense (kinda sorta kinda) in the end. All in all, though, it's not that bad of a title. If you've got a strong tolerance for weirdness and have run out of things to watch late late at night with a few friends, you might consider this one. At least, it's one of our ex-president's favorites. :-)

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