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Princess Tutu

Mar 30, 2013

Story | 8/10
This anime's story is very well-executed. I really like how each of the episodes were each somewhat of a retelling of a fairy tale, story, or play. The concepts throughout Princess Tutu are interesting and captivating. What I enjoyed most about the story is that it is reenacting a storybook and how it takes place in a world where fantasy and reality converge. The story of Princess Tutu has enough comedy to make you laugh and smile dearly, as well as some tragic elements thrown into the mix. However, I found the story a little too predictable. But being what it was, a story being a retelling of The Prince and The Raven, neither its predictability nor its impact could be helped.

Animation | 8/10
Every scene is lovely and smoothly animated. The magical effects throughout Princess Tutu are simple and pretty to watch. Being a magical girl story, the transformation of Duck into Princess Tutu was beautifully drawn and coloured, befitting of this magical heroine's mystique. The ballet dances were also excellently depicted. But sometimes the animation felt too fast-paced or focused on irrelevant perspectives. The animation itself was soft and lovely, but the style of Princess Tutu looks a little blurry.

Sound | 10/10
There is quite a fantastic usage of classical music throughout Princess Tutu. Indeed, most if not all of this anime's music was classical. Perhaps classical is not in everyone's music taste, so I wouldn't recommend this anime for those who cannot stand classical music. I however found the music added dramatic effect as well as beauty and elegance to the scenes and dances. Every move and motion were well-timed with the music. I have much appraisal for the masterful use of classical music in this series and I especially have much appreciation for the main opening song of Princess Tutu, "Morning Grace." Simply beautiful and soothing a song to listen to. 

Characters | 9/10
The characters in Princess Tutu are diverse in personality. These characters also have played their roles very well. Though admittedly some of these characters can be a little annoying, they have other respectable traits to make up for it. The desires and feelings of the main characters are also very strong and they each have much strength to fight for what they want most. As you watch Princess Tutu, you may even feel these characters grow on you.

Overall | 9/10
I must say that I've truly enjoyed watching Princess Tutu. It is a wonderful story with animation I personally found unique in style. This series consists of retellings of stories and each of these stories shows what human beings would do for the sake of love. Anyone who loves classical music will be satisfied with the timing of movement in dancing or other action. Fans of the magical girl genre will also be pleased with the beauty, charm, intrigue, and emotionality found in the scenes of Princess Tutu.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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