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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 2


Story | 8/10
Conquering the hearts of young women has never been so comedic and cute! I love this series because of how capable Keima Katsuragi is in filling the emptiness in the hearts of young women. The story seems a little dull for me, but I like the comic relief found in some of the episodes. Comparably-speaking, I enjoyed season 1 more. However this 2nd season is more realistic and heartwarming. The "God of Conquest" captures four more loose souls. However in this season Keima has more of a challenge with a few of his targets.

Animation | 9/10
The animation of The World God Only Knows II is simply as lovely as ever. I really like the designs of the characters and settings. The colours are vivid and the animation is clear-cut and expressive. Animation-wise this is one of the best anime series I've seen. Some changes of animation style are made in several episodes, but each change was done appropriately so. 

Sound | 9/10
One of the many good things about The World God Only Knows II is its soundtrack. The music for special God of Conquest moments is divine and lovely to listen to. I also really like the opening and ending songs for this 2nd season. The music and voices are clear, and of high-quality. I recommend downloading the original soundtrack, because the music is pretty good.

Characters | 8/10
Our protagonist, Keima Katsuragi is slowly considering his acceptance of reality. Luckily we fans still have our beloved God of Conquest and Elsie. We also have a new cast of female characters whose hearts are overtaken by loose souls. Their personalities and issues posed more of a challenge for Keima, which made things interesting. The reasons for the emptiness in their hearts were more realistic than those of the previous season. However, we also have a few of Keima's past targets make brief appearances. Overall, the second season contained good character development and interaction. :)

Overall | 9/10
The World God Only Knows II has been an enjoyable anime for me. I like how the plot seems to be going. It seems eventually, perhaps in season 3, Keima Katsuragi will come to accept reality or further develop in some other way. 

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8/10
  • Animation 9/10
  • Sound 9/10
  • Characters 8/10
  • Overall 9/10


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