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Welcome to my profile. (I feel like this whole thing needs to be re-written already, but I'm far too lazy...)

Guess I should talk about myself a bit here... I've been an anime fan for about 18 years now. Grew up watching stuff like Sailor MoonGundam Wing and My Neighbor Totoro. Not sure if I actually knew what anime technically was back then though... I didn't really get into it until I started watching Inu-Yasha on YTVs Bionix block.

My favourite kinds of anime nowadays would be psychological mindfucks, but I'll watch pretty much anything (which I'm starting to regret thanks to Seikon no Qwaser...)

Some of my other interests/hobbies include drawing, listening to music (mostly Witch House) and old horror movies...

These are a few of my favourite things...

Favourite anime: Paranoia Agent

Favourite film: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Favourite Book: Dracula

Favourite character: Akio Kawazu

Favourite Band: Crystal Castles

Twitter (sometimes NSFW)

PSN: Lacimehc

3DS Friend Code: 1778-9643-5262

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AnimeFreakMiva says...

I know! I love the Soul Eater Series! I like the whole picture of it!

I do agree with you about the ending, even more now when i follow the manga. Because it's so diffrent from the anime...

I like the fight scenes more in the anime but there is a bunch of good stuff in the manga that don't appear  in the anime...

Have you read the manga yet?

If you haven't  I recomand you to read the manga, if you want to continue from where the manga and anime seperate in storyline then you should read from chapter 37 ..I think...

anyways, always fun to hear the opinions of follow soul eater fans :D

Jul 30, 2012
NicoNicoDesu says...

Thanks for the comment on my blog (it never fails to amaze me how people actually read these things). It kind of sucks how manga is often overlooked; I prefer it to anime, actually. And don't worry about the ecchi tag. So far, the only ecchi thing is Jane the (American >.>) nurse's breast size... and this weird "coming attractions" kind of picture of two of the female characters completely naked. That hasn't come up yet, though.

Jul 26, 2012
AnnaCupcake says...

Thanks for your comment!

Jul 7, 2012
brentskeez says...

blowin up that feed!:P

Jun 30, 2012
Thrawn says...

What a coincidence, I'm wrapping up Manyuu Titty-Tits as well! We can finish that together and then start up Maiden Yaoi. Your plan backfired as badly as Popee trying to commit suicude and murder before Papi gave him a tonsil rape.

Jun 15, 2012