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Welcome to my profile. (I feel like this whole thing needs to be re-written already, but I'm far too lazy...)

Guess I should talk about myself a bit here... I've been an anime fan for about 18 years now. Grew up watching stuff like Sailor MoonGundam Wing and My Neighbor Totoro. Not sure if I actually knew what anime technically was back then though... I didn't really get into it until I started watching Inu-Yasha on YTVs Bionix block.

My favourite kinds of anime nowadays would be psychological mindfucks, but I'll watch pretty much anything (which I'm starting to regret thanks to Seikon no Qwaser...)

Some of my other interests/hobbies include drawing, listening to music (mostly Witch House) and old horror movies...

These are a few of my favourite things...

Favourite anime: Paranoia Agent

Favourite film: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Favourite Book: Dracula

Favourite character: Akio Kawazu

Favourite Band: Crystal Castles

Twitter (sometimes NSFW)

PSN: Lacimehc

3DS Friend Code: 1778-9643-5262

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angelsreviews Jul 30, 2013

They did have three, one for bedtime, one for work outs, and one for bathtime with one of her friends. It's pretty much fan service any which way and all of them I ended up having to review. Needless to say, my review was exactly the same for all three.

Airotia May 26, 2013

Taira is one of my faves, too. He actually gets a lot of the complex character development, not so much in backstory but more in mentality. I haven't seen the anime at all and it wasn't until I actually looked at the page on here that I saw that it was an anime. If it's like the manga, it gets better the more characters involved.

UndeadNekoCat Apr 29, 2013

I'll greatly give a try at working on a small little manga! If you've been wanted to make one as well, why dont you? It doesnt matter if your good or not just whether you'll enjoy creating it. c: And if backgrounds are a struggle, go ahead and just be messy and doodle like sh-t or get free to use images for backgrounds and such.

Thrawn Nov 29, 2012

Because it's fun, and we had fun times with the gang watching those big titty anime.

Musashi Gundou... I'm... working on it. Slowly as the plot's as comprehensible as Seikon no Nipples.

Thrawn Nov 26, 2012

I can assure you, or at least say without knowing anything about the series apart from the boobs and fighting boobs, is that these busty fems don't squirt soma or blast it out of their milk cannons. At most clothing-melting acid. Probably. I'm not going to try and convince you on plots, charactars, anything resembling something.... well, it'll kill ya or cure ya, and wipe your mind from the torrenial downpour of nipple sucking harassment.

You know what they say? To cure poison, you need more poison; no rest for the wicked; if you ate the poison you might as well eat the plate and if you take in enough poison, you'll build an immunity to it.