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My first review of the year, and it's gonna be a positive one. And what better series to review than something dark, twisted and gorey like Requiem From The Darkness? It's fun for the whole family.

Story: The plot involves an auther named Momosuke who wishes to write a book on 100 ghost stories. He encounters the spirit... demon... detectives (or whatever the Hell they are) called the Ongyou. They basically investigate legends and punish the criminals who are behind them or something. Crazy shenanigans ensue!

Animation: Probably my favourite part of the series and definitely the most memorable thing about it for me is the unique art and animation style. I find that it fits quite well with the dark tone of the series and gives everything a very eerie atmosphere.

Sound: At first I didn't care much for the intro or outro music. They just didn't feel like they fit with this kind of show but they eventually grew on me. The sound and music in the series itself works well enough from what I can remember.

Characters: Momosuke does an alright job as the main protagonist but he can be a bit annoying at times. The three Ongyou are all very entertaining though and are pretty cool characters. The four work relitively well together and all have unique personalities. I actually liked Momosuke's publisher Tsutaya the most (because I'm wierd.) I'm not exactly sure what he's suppose to be but he has a pipe and monocle which automatically make him awesome. A lot of the background characters share designs and look quite odd as well... They look like spirits to me but I think they're suppose to be people... very strange looking people...

Overall: I really enjoyed this series and even though I probably gave it a higher rating than it deserves I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys dark and twisted anime like me.

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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